Cape Town, South Africa
  • The Blue Monks with Herschel Mair, Deon Morris & Paul Salvage
  • Octave with Edgar Syce & Carl X
  • The Hanepoot Big Band lead by Jannie van Tonder
  • The Zoot Suits with Graham Burton, Herschel Mair, Rob Stemmett & Andy Murray
  • The Glenn Robertson Jazz Band with Glenn Robertson, Andre Henry, Fabian Frantz, Didier Richards & special guest appearance by the legendary, late Zayn Adam
Nanjing, China
  • The Keepers Of Swing with various artists Ronnie Williams, Al Gordon, Kokoh & Lionel Beukes
  • Four Generations with Helene Joseph, David Parker & Lionel Beukes
  • Midnight Blue with Lionel Beukes
Shanghai, China
  • Passport with Eldred Schilder & Beverly Rinkwest
  • Three's Company with various artists Tracy Town, Lezil Hendricks, Wilson Chen & Lionel Beukes
  • Long Bar Jazz Trio with Frank Bray & the late Donald Jackson
  • 1515 West Band with various artists - Frank Bray, Cherry Brown, Monique Hellenberg & Lionel Beukes
Guangzhou, China
  • Sapphire with Davinia Vincent